Hi to everyone out there in the STUDIO B blogosphere!

I wanted to take a second and say thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi this year at Comicpalooza.  It was an amazing show with amazing people, I cannot wait for Comicpalooza 2018. Thanks to all who sought me out and took another small piece of STUDIO B with them.  Thanks to all the artist and to all the fans of the show.  I am hoping by next year STUDIO B’s  brand will grow bigger on the national scale! I will be working extra hard on the follow-up books to the initial Lucy’s Dream series. If you haven’t already you can order your copy here. My other goal is to have 4  additional new issues of my comic series SCIFA with a completed SCIFA graphic novel.  Thanks to the Children’s Charity, Spaceboyuniverse, my roadie John, Curamedia,LLC and all those special people out there, you know who you are we made some memorable and silly moments I’m sure  we will build on.  It was fun, exciting and exhausting all in one.

Till next year, stay toooned!!!